A Pioneer in the field of power electronics since 1991, providing innovation solutions to various corporate – Conforming to international standards, in accordance within the emerging technological advancements in and state of the art requirements both in national and international standards, APL has ventured into providing geospatial solutions.

This organization being promoted by a body corporate of more than two decades is backed by the most experiences technical and management expertise available both in house and from the relevant industry State of the art infrastructure such as quad copters, hexacopters, octacopters, Fixed wing drones. And sensors like Thermal sensor, Infrared Sensor, Bathometry sensor, Hyper spectrum sensor, Aerial LIDAR and night vision sensor shall be pressed into services in the near future/based on the requirements. Utilizing such advance equipments and accessories a well trained and experienced skill set is available for optimum efficient and extra ordinanary results

To complement the UAV in their final output high computing power and advance power for processing along with relevant hardware are made readily available for the requisites, now we proudly claim and assure our customers an international quality output which needless to say is a derivative of the infrastructure and the expertise available

We assure from APL that the realistic commitments are made and adhered to the analysis of the requirements and crystallizes the same after providing consultation. Once committed the same is met in terms of delivery etc..

As a matter of comfort we reiterate that all our services are available at an affordable cost as per market standards. Looking forward to assist you in elevated decision making.

GIS Services



Using the latest airborne data acquisition and processing technologies, Ajaba Aerobotics offers fast delivery of high-accuracy aerial photography. Operating a fleet of aircraft around the country we provide a complete production workflow to support virtually any imaging and mapping, photogrammetric projects


Technologies. The quality of our work is what sets Ajaba Aerobotics apart from the competition. From our technology to our acquisition and post-processing methods, our team of operators, technicians and project managers focuses on how we can consistently deliver a product we are proud to stand behind.


Aerial inspection is embraced in many industries nowadays mainly because of its safety, cost efficient, less man power involved and remotely operated thus paving way for zero human life accidents, Ajaba Aerobotics can be your aerial inspection partner in all aerial inspections like OIL &Gas, High voltage power line inspections,high standing structures such as wind turbine blades, mobile towers, tall constructing buildings etc


Disater Mittigation & Recovery

In disaster management we believe we could deliver maximum number of solution with our latest airborne technologies, from monitoring flood prone area, skew earth zones to mobilising in elevated view where even helicopters and other aerial vehicles cannot have a view of sight, delivering food packets, medicines, life jackets, etc,. By combining UAV with electronic communication our R&D team is coming up with a unique Drone which is first of its kind.